Climate model data

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

CanESM2 / CGCM4 Model Output



Short nameLong nameUnits
hflsSurface Upward Latent Heat Flux W m-2
hfsithermdsHeat Flux into Sea Water due to Sea Ice Thermodynamics W m-2
hfssSurface Upward Sensible Heat Flux W m-2
htovovrtNorthward Ocean Heat Transport due to Overturning W
massoSea Water Mass kg
mlotstOcean Mixed Layer Thickness Defined by Sigma T m
msftbarotOcean Barotropic Mass Streamfunction kg s-1
msftmrhozOcean Meridional Overturning Mass Streamfunction kg s-1
msftmrhozbaOcean Meridional Overturning Mass Streamfunction due to Bolus Advection kg s-1
msftyrhozOcean Y Overturning Mass Streamfunction kg s-1
msftyrhozbaOcean Y Overturning Mass Streamfunction due to Bolus Advection kg s-1
pboSea Water Pressure at Sea floor dbar
rldsSurface Downwelling Longwave Radiation W m-2
rsntdsNet Downward Shortwave Radiation at Sea Water Surface W m-2
soSea Water Salinity psu
sogaGlobal Mean Sea Water Salinity psu
sosSea Surface Salinity psu
tauuoSurface Downward X Stress N m-2
tauvoSurface Downward Y Stress N m-2
thetaoSea Water Potential Temperature K
thetaogaGlobal Average Sea Water Potential Temperature K
tosSea Surface Temperature K
umoOcean Mass X Transport kg s-1
uoSea Water X Velocity m s-1
vmoOcean Mass Y Transport kg s-1
voSea Water Y Velocity m s-1
vsfVirtual Salt Flux into Sea Water kg m-2 s-1
wmoUpward Ocean Mass Transport kg s-1
zosSea Surface Height Above Geoid m
zosgaGlobal Average Sea Level Change m
zossgaGlobal Average Steric Sea Level Change m
zostogaGlobal Average Thermosteric Sea Level Change m
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