Climate model data

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

CanESM2 / CGCM4 Model Output



Short nameLong nameUnits
clCloud Area Fraction %
cliMass Fraction of Cloud Ice 1
cliviIce Water Path kg m-2
cltTotal Cloud Fraction %
clwMass Fraction of Cloud Liquid Water 1
clwviCondensed Water Path kg m-2
evspsblEvaporation kg m-2 s-1
hflsSurface Upward Latent Heat Flux W m-2
hfssSurface Upward Sensible Heat Flux W m-2
hurRelative Humidity %
hursNear-Surface Relative Humidity %
husSpecific Humidity 1
hussNear-Surface Specific Humidity 1
prPrecipitation kg m-2 s-1
prcConvective Precipitation kg m-2 s-1
prsnSolid Precipitation kg m-2 s-1
prwWater Vapor Path kg m-2
psSurface Air Pressure Pa
pslSea Level Pressure Pa
rldsSurface Downwelling Longwave Radiation W m-2
rldscsSurface Downwelling Clear-Sky Longwave Radiation W m-2
rlusSurface Upwelling Longwave Radiation W m-2
rlutTOA Outgoing Longwave Radiation W m-2
rlutcsTOA Outgoing Clear-Sky Longwave Radiation W m-2
rsdsSurface Downwelling Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsdscsSurface Downwelling Clear-Sky Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsdtTOA Incident Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsusSurface Upwelling Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsuscsSurface Upwelling Clear-Sky Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsutTOA Outgoing Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsutcsTOA Outgoing Clear-Sky Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rtmtNet Downward Flux at Top of Model W m-2
sblSurface Snow and Ice Sublimation Flux kg m-2 s-1
sfcWindDaily-Mean Near-Surface Wind Speed m s-1
taAir Temperature K
tasNear-Surface Air Temperature K
tasmaxDaily Maximum Near-Surface Air Temperature K
tasminDaily Minimum Near-Surface Air Temperature K
tauuSurface Downward Eastward Wind Stress Pa
tauvSurface Downward Northward Wind Stress Pa
tsSurface Temperature K
uaEastward Wind m s-1
uasEastward Near-Surface Wind m s-1
vaNorthward Wind m s-1
vasNorthward Near-Surface Wind m s-1
wapomega (=dp/dt) Pa s-1
zgGeopotential Height m
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