Climate model data

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

CanESM2 / CGCM4 Model Output



Short nameLong nameUnits
loadbcLoad of Black Carbon Aerosol kg m-2
loaddustLoad of Dust kg m-2
loadoaLoad of Dry Aerosol Organic Matter kg m-2
loadso4Load of SO4 kg m-2
loadssLoad of Seasalt kg m-2
rsdscsdiffSurface Diffuse Downwelling Clear Sky Shortwave Radiation W m-2
rsdsdiffSurface Diffuse Downwelling Shortwave Radiation W m-2
sconcbcSurface Concentration of Black Carbon Aerosol kg m-3
sconcdustSurface Concentration of Dust kg m-3
sconcoaSurface Concentration of Dry Aerosol Organic Matter kg m-3
sconcso4Surface Concentration of SO4 kg m-3
sconcssSurface Concentration of Seasalt kg m-3
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