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ETCCDI extremes indices archive - updates/errata

Nov 6, 2013:
ETCCDI indices have been updated for the most recent versions of CMIP5 model output files using the climdex.pcic software package. The indices are now available for the following CMIP5 experiments: historical, rcp26, rcp45, rcp60, rcp85. The newly computed indices are available in the same "CMIP5" sub-directory as before. The older CMIP5 indicies are moved to the "CMIP5_old" sub-directory.
Mar 13, 2013:
ETCCDI indices from the FGOALS-s2 model are retracted from the archive on the request of the modelling group at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics, Beijing.
Nov 19, 2012:
ETCCDI indices for 4 reanalyses are available for download.
Sep 26, 2012:
Several computational problems are identified in some indices for the following models:
  • CCSM4, historical/rcp26/rcp45/rcp85, r1i1p1, all precipitation based indices;
  • CanESM2, historical, r2i1p1/r3i1p1, most temperature-based indices;
  • bcc-csm1-1, historical, r1i1p1/r2i1p1, most temperature-based indices.
The affected indices are recomputed and replaced on Sep. 26, 2012.
Sep 12, 2012:
CMIP5 ETCCDI indices are available for download.
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