Coupled Global Climate Model 1

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis

Please be advised that these models are earlier model versions. Please refer to the model list for the current model version.

The annual cycle of near surface air temperature (°C) as simulated in a CGCM1 control run

Legend for temperature scale

These results were obtained from a multi-century control experiment which was performed to simulate the natural variability of the coupled system. The model reproduces the observed annual the temperature cycle well. Note that the amplitude of the annual cycle is much larger over the poles and extra-tropical land areas than over the oceans. You might also notice dfference in the shape of the annual cycle which reflects the different thermal properties of the land, ice and water covered parts of the Earth's surface. For more details please see our First Generation Coupled Model (CGCM1) page.

The data from the multi-century control simulation with the coupled model are available for downloading from our data section.

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